$2 Car Wash at The Bear Lot

$2 Car Wash 

Car Wash at the Bear Lot

Keep your vehicle looking clean and like new with a car wash at The Bear Lot. Most people go to a car wash to keep their car clean and looking good, and although that is why most of us wash our cars, there are more reasons to wash often than just appearance.


Most people spend a lot of time in their vehicles and the cleaner, the more organized it is, the more positive the outlook on your day when you drive a clean-looking vehicle.  A vehicle that is washed often looks better, appears more valuable, and the paint job will last longer. When you protect your paint job, you also slow down the depreciation of the vehicle's value and preserve the beauty of your vehicle.

Protection From the Elements

Just as washing protects your paint job, it also protects your vehicle from things like bugs, dirt, bird droppings, mud, tar, asphalt, salt, and other road treatments. When these things attach to your car, they begin to damage your paint. Bugs extrude acids as they decompose, bird droppings will also eat away at your paint job. Road treatments used under icy and snowy conditions will adhere to your vehicle and begin to damage the paint, as well. Having dust and debris on your paint job opens the door for rust to build upon the surface of your vehicle.

Improve Efficiency and Milage

As strange as it might sound, a clean car keeps it running more efficiently. If your car is free of dirt and grime, then there is less drag on the vehicle as you drive which means your car does not need to work quite as hard. When it rains, the water rolls off more readily so there is less water to linger on the vehicle. If your paint job is free of dirt and grime, then water is less likely to pool so you have a greater resistance to rust that could begin to develop on your vehicle.

Safety and Health

One of the key factors to your safety on the road is visibility, and when your car is clean you have better visibility from all of your windows and for the cameras and sensors. Cleanliness also keeps the car functioning more efficiently. You can see more around you when your windows are free of dust and pollen. A clean vehicle also keeps you healthier with less dust, mold, pollen, and more, which can cause allergies to flare up.

Save Yourself Time

The Bear Lot has an automatic carwash available for you to use at the low price of $2.00. Bring your car by and get it clean for two dollars. While you are there, check with our service department to keep your engine running properly when it needs routine maintenance like oil changes, tire pressure, safety inspections, and more. Set up a service appointment for your vehicle when you wash your car. Let The Bear Lot help you keep your vehicle looking and running its best. Stop by today for an affordable car wash and any other services you need.