Brake Service

Brake Service in Mounds View, MN 

Brake Service at The Bear Lot

Today's vehicles offer many safety features, but none are relied on as often as your vehicle's brakes. Each time you need to slow down or stop, this assembly has the sole responsibility for your safety and the safety of everyone around your vehicle. You expect to smoothly slow or stop without any awful noise or chaotic shaking of your vehicle. But when you touch the brake pedal and hear screeching, grinding, or feel the pedal sink lifelessly to the floorboard, your heart starts to race. Suddenly you feel very helpless as you face a potential collision. But this stressful event could easily be avoided with professional brake service from the team at The Bear Lot.

Why Trust Your Brakes to The Bear Lot?

A lot is riding on the reliability and durability of your vehicle's brakes. And when you need to have them serviced, you want to know that you can trust the automotive professionals doing the work. At The Bear Lot in Mounds View, you know that your vehicle will be in the experienced and trustworthy hands of service operator Tommy Migill. We are not some discount service chain that hires anyone who can correctly identify a brake caliper tool set. We only hire the best. Our team has the training and hands-on experience to get your brakes repaired or placed quickly and correctly.

And the second half of that equation is our dealership philosophy. We are a family here at The Bear Lot. And our business is serving our friends and neighbors in the Mounds View community. We appreciate your business and your trust in our ability to do the job right the first time. And in return, we offer only the highest level of automotive and customer service in the industry. We want each customer to leave our dealership excited about our exceptional brake service and the affordable price they paid for our work. This customer enthusiasm will lead to more referrals to help grow our business. By providing great automotive service, we are helping you. And in return, you are helping keep The Bear Lot successful and flourishing.

If You Hear Grinding or Squealing from Your Brakes

As soon as you hear noise coming from your brakes, it is time to visit the team you can trust at The Bear Lot. Our team will complete a brake inspection of:

  • The level of wear and patterning on the brake pads or shoes
  • The condition of the brake lines, master and wheel cylinders
  • Condition of the rotors
  • Caliper function and wear
  • Anti-lock brake sensors
  • Brake fluid level and condition

When there are indications that you need additional brake service or replacements, our crew will provide you with that vital information. We will also offer a complete cost for the necessary work and explain why we believe that the work is essential for your safety and the safety of those around your vehicle. Our goal is always to work with our customers to ensure their safety and complete satisfaction with their vehicles.