CARFAX History Report Explained

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What Is a CARFAX History Report?

If you've ever considered purchasing a used vehicle, you might've asked about the history of the model. It's important to consider a vehicle's condition, prior accidents, and general past when searching for a quality used car. Luckily, buying a brand-new vehicle isn't the only way to remove the mystery behind a vehicle's history. A CARFAX History Report provides an in-depth look into a used car's past so drivers can make an informed decision when purchasing a vehicle.

What Does a CARFAX History Report Include?

As its name implies, a CARFAX History Report tells you about a used vehicle's history. The first section of the report is the "Vehicle Overview", which is a summary of the model. It shows the basic highlights, such as the total number of previous owners and service records, the last reported odometer reading, and more. As you continue reading the report, you'll find sections dedicated to different parts of the car's history. These sections include Ownership History, Title History, Additional History, and Detailed History.


This section delves deeper into the vehicle's past owners. For example, if the car had two previous owners, the report would show you the year of purchase for each owner. It also states the location it was registered, how long each person owned the vehicle, and an estimate of how many miles each owner drove per year. Additionally, you'll see the last reported odometer reading and whether the vehicle was for personal, personal lease, or commercial purposes for every past owner.


This section will let you know if the vehicle was damaged during its time with a previous owner. Carfax checks for a history of fire, hail, and flood damage and an accurate odometer reading. The title section will also show Salvage, Junk, Rebuilt, and Lemon titles.


The Additional History section outlines reported issues due to past accidents and damage. It checks for total loss, structural damage, airbag deployment, odometer check, accident/damage, manufacturer recall, and basic warranty.


Here, you'll find a chronological list of events related to the vehicle's history. This timeline includes details about its service history, accidents, purchases, and more.

Find Free CARFAX History Reports at The Bear Lot

Many drivers would agree that a CARFAX History Report is a helpful resource worth purchasing. However, if you choose The Bear Lot, you'll find free CARFAX History Reports on many of our pre-owned vehicles. While browsing our inventory, you'll see the "Show Me the Free CARFAX Vehicle History Report" button under a vehicle. Once you click on it, you'll see the history report at no cost. We want our customers to have access to as much information as possible regarding their potential vehicle so they can make an informed decision and feel confident in the model they purchase. If you have any questions about any of our used vehicles and their history, give us a call or stop by The Bear Lot to speak to a friendly team member.


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