Get an Instant Cash Offer at The Bear Lot

When you're ready to buy a newer vehicle because yours isn't as reliable as it used to be, you can use your current model as a down payment. To get an idea of how much it's worth, you can use get a KBB instant cash offer at The Bear Lot.

Get Your Instant Cash Offer

You can get an instant offer for cash for your vehicle with The Bear Lot. Just fill out the form and provide some information about the condition of your vehicle and any features it includes. Once you submit the form, you will receive the offer in a few minutes.

The instant cash offer depends on the condition of your vehicle as well as the make and model. Some models retain their value longer, and demand for certain models may be higher. However, the offer is the same whether you buy another vehicle from The Bear Lot.

Once you receive the offer, it doesn't change for the next seven days. Bring your vehicle to the dealership along with the offer. Our team will inspect your vehicle and verify the information with the same questions you answered online. We'll give you cash for your vehicle or you can use it as a trade-in on a newer model. Just bring in your title or paperwork for the loan you have as well as the keys, owner's manual, and service records.

Benefits of Selling Your Vehicle at The Bear Lot

When you use the KBB Instant Cash Offer, you get an actual offer. It's different than researching online where you get a range of the possible value of your vehicle. The range is a general guideline, but it doesn't ensure you'll get that much.

Another benefit is that you can use our online calculator to find out how much your monthly payments will be on a newer model. Just enter the trade-in value as the down payment, which will lower the amount you'll be financing. You'll get a better idea of how much you can afford even before you start shopping.

We also offer an online pre-approval application that you can fill out to help you know how much you will qualify for in a car loan. It takes just a few minutes to fill out at your convenience. Once you submit it to us, we'll give you an approval amount. You can begin looking at models within that price range. If you find one you like, come in and take it for a test drive. Our sales team will answer any questions you might have about it. You can also talk to our finance team if you need to know more about our loan products or valuing your vehicle.

Let The Bear Lot help you get into a vehicle you can enjoy driving around Minneapolis, Andover, and Shoreview. Get a Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer online to start the process and find out how much your car, truck, or SUV is worth.