Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty on used vehicles 

Lifetime Warranty at The Bear Lot

Buying a used vehicle can be intimidating as you worry about how long it will last and how soon you will need to make repairs. At The Bear Lot, we want you to feel comfortable as you pick out your pre-owned ride with our Lifetime Warranty to give you added confidence.

Our Lifetime Warranty covers batteries, tires, and brakes when purchased at The Bear Lot. You just have to keep up on service to not void the warranty.

Lifetime Batteries

Your vehicle won't operate without the battery. It is necessary for the engine to work as well as the headlights and taillights, radio, heater, and air conditioner. If your battery stops working, it can leave you stuck at home or worse, stranded in a parking lot somewhere.

The Bear Lot provides a lifetime warranty for batteries. Once your battery is at the end of its life, you can bring it in for a replacement. You must keep the terminals cleaned on a regular schedule and come in for a battery test every year to protect the warranty. See the dealer for more details.

Lifetime Tires

You rely on your tires to take you wherever you need to go. They provide traction and grip on the road and offer stability in all kinds of conditions. Tires also help to provide a smooth, comfortable ride for your passengers. As the tread wears down, the tire isn't as effective at its job. It can take longer to come to a stop or you may lose traction in slippery conditions.

With a lifetime tire warranty, The Bear Lot will help you stay safe on the road. All you have to do is maintain your tires with a tire rotation every six months or 6000 miles. You will need to have a wheel alignment each year to ensure your tires are at their optimal performance. These routine maintenance tasks help the tires wear longer. See your dealer for more details about the lifetime tire warranty.

Lifetime Brakes

Your brakes are a critical component of your vehicle. They help to ensure your safety by stopping the vehicle when necessary. Sometimes, you need them to react quickly with a fast stop when someone pulls out in front of you or an animal crosses your path. If your brakes fail, they can cause you to get in an accident. If a collision occurs because your brakes didn't work correctly, you could be at fault.

Lifetime brakes allow you peace of mind by knowing that you can stop whenever you need to. Anytime your brakes need to be replaced, the labor and parts are covered with the lifetime warranty. To protect the warranty, you must get your brakes inspected each year. See the dealer for more details about our lifetime brakes.

Whether you need batteries, tires, or brakes, come see us at The Bear Lot. Our Lifetime Warranty protects you and some of the most important components of your vehicle. Trust us to help you stay safe out on the roads.