Oil Change in Mounds View, MN

Oil Change in Mounds View, MN 

Oil Change in Mounds View, MN at The Bear Lot

Most drivers are familiar with some forms of routine maintenance. One that's mentioned often is an oil change. Similar to brake service and wheel alignments, oil changes are an extremely important part of routine maintenance because they protect your vehicle from damage and excessive wear and tear. Luckily, for drivers in and around Mounds View, MN, affordable and quality routine vehicle maintenance is just around the corner at The Bear Lot. To schedule your next oil change at The Bear Lot in Mounds View, you can stop by, give us a call, or use our convenient online service scheduler.

Why Does My Vehicle Need an Oil Change?

As we mentioned above, oil changes are a very important part of routine maintenance. Your vehicle needs its routine oil changes because they protect your engine. If you neglect to change its oil, your engine can face irreparable damage that could've been prevented. To sum it up, an oil change is necessary because:

  • It Keeps Your Engine Clean: Over time, harmful materials will accumulate inside the engine. Oil helps to prevent the buildup of these materials so that your engine doesn't get damaged.
  • It Improves Gas Mileage: A better fuel economy is just one of the many benefits of an oil change. Improving your gas mileage can be as easy as taking your vehicle in for its routine oil changes.
  • It Protects Your Engine: Since your engine needs oil to function, routine oil changes will make your engine last longer by protecting it from excessive wear and tear.

Why Choose The Bear Lot for Auto Service?

When you schedule auto service like oil changes at The Bear Lot's service center, your vehicle will receive the care and attention that it deserves. Also, if you live or work near Mounds View, MN, you'll find that our service center is conveniently located near your home or office. We offer fast, affordable, and quality oil changes at The Bear Lot so you can get back on the roads of Mounds View in a safe and well-maintained vehicle.

Sights and Attractions in Mounds View, MN

Mounds View, MN, is a relatively small city that's packed with a variety of fun places to explore. Whether you're looking for indoor activities for the whole family or exciting outdoor activities, Mounds View has got it all.

  • Zero Gravity Trampoline Park
  • Inner Active
  • Mermaid Entertainment Center
  • AMC Classic Mounds View 15
  • Mounds View Community Theatre
  • Rice Creek North Regional Trail
  • Moe's Restaurant and Bar
  • Splashdown Splash Pad

If you're planning a day at one or more of these fun locations, make sure your vehicle is up to date on its oil change before you hit the streets of Mounds View, MN.

To learn more about our oil changes at The Bear Lot, stop by next time you're in Mounds View or give us a call. Make sure you also check out our service specials and keep an eye out for a great deal on your next oil change.