Suzuki and The Bear Lot

The Bear Lot and Suzuki make a great team. Suzuki is the name you can trust for motorcycles, ATVs and other products for transport. The brand has expanded from its humble beginnings but has never sacrificed quality.

The History of Suzuki

The company began as Suzuki Loom Works back in 1909, founded by Michio Suzuki. It was located in Japan, in Hamamatsu, a small seacoast village where it manufactured weaving looms for the first 30 years. Suzuki decided to diversify to ensure the company's continued success and began building a car in 1937. In only two years, he built several prototypes that were powered by four-cylinder engines with 13 horsepower.

The move to motorcycles began after World War II when Suzuki added a clip-on type engine to a bicycle. This engine allowed the bicycle to run on engine alone with the assistance of pedaling and by pedaling without the engine. By 1954, 6,000 of these transport vehicles were being built each month. At this time, the company became Suzuki Motor Company.

Suzuki got involved with motorcycle racing and had the first victory in its initial season in 1962 at the Isle of Man TT. A year later, the company wins the rider's championship as well as the manufacturer's championship in two classes.

In 1965, Suzuki enters the American market for motorcycles and two years later introduces the T20 as the fastest 250cc bike in the world. The company continues to dominate motorcycle racing and builds new and more powerful motorcycles in the next decades.

In the 1980s, Suzuki expands into the ATV industry with the QuadRunner 125. It was also during this period that the first full racer replica was built with the RG250I. By 1999, aggregate production of motorcycles for Suzuki had reached 40 million units.

The Bear Lot

Just like Suzuki, The Bear Lot wants to be a leader in the industry by providing quality products and services and meeting the ever-changing needs of consumers. We work continuously to improve standards for sales and service.

The company was founded by Leonard Rydell who got into the industry back in the 1940s in Montgomery, Minnesota. He held many philosophies that guided his personal and professional life, which were known as "Leonardisms". He used those philosophies to guide his day-to-day decisions and has seen many of them continued in the company even today.

In 1976, Leonard sold his company to his son. Wes began using the one price approach with no haggling that is in use today. In 1980, the two men assisted a manager in the company with buying his own dealership in North Dakota. This same process has been used with other managers, and now the company has grown to 68 dealerships which are located in 11 states. The same philosophy of the early days is carried through all the dealerships today and has been a model for success and customer satisfaction.

When you want the best, only Suzuki and The Bear Lot will meet your expectations.