Snowplowing with an ATV

Snowplowing with a Suzuki ATV 

Snowplowing with a Suzuki ATV

One of the aspects of winter that most people don't enjoy is shoveling out their driveways. If you don't own a tractor or a truck with a plow on the front, you may think you're stuck doing it by hand. Fortunately, there are a few ATVs designed for snowplowing in the winter and off-roading fun in the summer.

Choose the Right ATV

Not all ATVs have enough power to push heavy snow around. You'll want to check your owner's manual or talk to the sales team at The Bear Lot if you're looking to buy a new ATV. If the vehicle isn't powerful enough to handle the snow, you risk causing damage from overworking it.

You'll need a powerful engine to handle the extra work. Don't forget towing capacity and other features that let you know the ATV can handle hard work. Our sales team will answer your questions about our new and pre-owned ATV models for sale and help you find the right one for plowing snow all winter.

Maintain Your ATV

If your ATV is going to be working hard all winter, it's important to keep it in tip-top shape. Have it serviced before the first snow falls to ensure all parts are working correctly.

Check fluid levels throughout the winter. Don't forget about tires to ensure they can handle the slippery snow and ice you're sure to see during the winter. You may want to find out about tracks for added traction for sloped areas or places that receive heavy snow from drifting.

Know How to Work the Plow

This may sound like a no-brainer, but operating a plow can be tricky. You may need to adjust the depth of the plow over the winter if snow piles up. You don't want to go too deep where you're hitting the pavement.

You also have to think about the angle to ensure it pushes the snow off the road or driveway. Clear out obstacles from where you will be plowing before the snow hits. This is one way to avoid damaging the plow or the ATV.

Stow Your ATV After Completing the Job

Clean off the blade before you put the plow away. Any snow left on will harden, and it can lead to rust over time. When you park the ATV and plow after completing the job, you'll want to lower the blade all the way to the ground. This ensures you don't put a strain on the arm of the plow or ATV. Store your ATV inside, if possible, to keep it clean and dry when not in use.

If you like the idea of plowing the snow with your ATV, you'll want to consider the right model for the job. Visit The Bear Lot in Mounds View, MN, near St. Paul and Minneapolis, to see what models we have available and how we can help you get ready for winter.


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