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Living in a region that can create some pretty challenging road conditions, the quality, and function of your car, truck or SUV's tires is essential. While an entire tire is relatively large, the contact patch, or part of the tread touching the road surface, is only about 5% of the tire. So you need to ensure that every inch of your tires is in serviceable condition to keep you in control of your vehicle and safe. Residents of the Shoreview and Blaine communities know that The Bear Lot is the only place to shop for quality tires at a great price.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Tires

Every vehicle owner knows that tires wear as you drive your vehicle. And at some point, they will be too worn down to provide the safe traction needed to control the car. However, many drivers are unaware that there are several simple ways to extend the life of your tires and get the most out of this somewhat significant investment. Some of the most important tips to remember include:

  • Always maintain proper air pressure in your tires. Tires with too much air can easily be damaged by road debris and sharp objects like jagged rocks. Tires that are low on air will become soft and can be sliced by potholes and other imperfections in the road's surface.
  • Smooth stopping and starting are essential in reducing unnecessary wear to the tire tread. Gently apply the brakes to stop and smoothly and slowly accelerate from a stop. Hard braking and sudden acceleration cause the tires to spin and grid the rubber rather than gripping the road surface to propel or stop the vehicle.
  • Proper wheel alignment is essential to even tire wear and longevity. A misalignment will create an uneven wear pattern that can cause the vehicle to pull or vibrate, making it dangerous to drive.

When To Visit The Bear Lot For New Tires

It is crucial to monitor the air pressure and condition of your tires throughout the year. This will help maintain the ideal air pressure for longevity and provide you with insight into when the tires are beginning to reach the end of their safe service. Signs that it is time for new tires include:

  • The treadwear indicator is visible; this occurs at 2/32" or less of the remaining tread
  • The sidewalls are cracked
  • There are bulges or splits in the tire
  • Uneven tread wear is causing vibration
  • There is damage that cannot be safely repaired, such as a cut or gouge in the tread or a sidewall nail puncture 

When you are concerned about the safety or life expectancy of your vehicle's tires, visit the experts at The Bear Lot. Our pros will inspect your tires for safety and provide you with reliable and cost-effective options if your tires have reached the end of their life. Also, check our service specials to find discounts or coupons that apply to tire service or any other automotive services at The Bear Lot.