Winter Ready Package

Vehicle Driving in The Snow 

Get Your Vehicle Winter Ready at The Bear Lot

When you're trying to make sure your model has everything it needs, it can be daunting to schedule multiple services. At The Bear Lot, we provide our very own Winter Ready Package, which includes a 5-quart oil change, interior and exterior detailing, and even your own rental car. When you want to make sure that your model is ready for the coming months near The Twin Cities, Minneapolis, or St. Paul, you're going to want to schedule this comprehensive service at The Bear Lot.

The Importance of Oil Changes

When you're trying to prep for winter, it's likely that you're focused on new tires and windshield wipers, but you're certainly not going to want to forget about your oil. As one of the most important fluids in your vehicle, it's responsible for lubricating your engine and even helps to cool it down while it runs. If you decide to skip out on your next oil change, you could be exposing your vehicle to serious risk. Without proper lubrication, you'll find that the metal parts of your engine will clash into each other and may even melt if they happen to overheat. With our Winter Ready Package, you can count on a 5-quart oil change, which will make sure your engine has what it needs for the coming months.

A Clean Look

Not everyone has the time to clean their vehicle, so when you want to make sure that your model is looking pristine, you'll want to take advantage of the Winter Ready Package. On top of your oil change, you'll receive detailing so that your model looks brand-new all over again.

  • A Complete Interior Detail: When you're driving, your interior is eventually going to start picking up dirt, crumbs, and other debris. When you're dealing with such small crevices and corners, it can be hard to clean it all yourself, especially if you don't have the time. With a simple visit, we can take care of it all.
  • A Complete Exterior Detail: Depending on how you use your vehicle, it's not going to take long for it to lose its shine. Our technicians will work hard to make sure your model starts to glisten again and make sure to include areas that are often forgotten about, such as the corners of your side mirrors.

Your Own Rental Car

When you opt for the Winter Ready Package, you can also expect your very own rental car. We understand that it can be hard to go without a vehicle, even for a day. With your rental car, you won't have to worry about missing out on important events, appointments, or errands. This is subject to availability, so if you want to make sure there's a rental waiting for you, you'll want to call ahead or schedule this package online. At The Bear Lot, we also provide a number of other services including wheel alignments, air condition service, and much more. When you feel that your vehicle is in trouble, there's no better place to go. You'll also find a wide selection of new and used models in case you find yourself wanting to trade your current model in.


When you're in need of service, you'll want to schedule the Winter Ready Package at The Bear Lot.