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Car A/C Service in Mounds View 

A/C Service And Repair at The Bear Lot

Even though most of the country thinks that Minneapolis is cold year-round, we know that it can get pretty warm here in the summertime. And without properly functioning air conditioning in your vehicle, you will get very uncomfortable. The expert automotive technicians at The Bear Lot, located in Mounds View, offer complete A/C service and repairs to ensure that you are never stuck in a hot car. So schedule your appointment today and know that your car, truck, or SUV's A/C will be ready to handle even the hottest days in the Columbia Heights area.

Common Indications Of An Air Conditioning Issue

Many customers only schedule A/C service when the feature is not working at all. But there are often several signs of a minor issue brewing inside your car's A/C system. And addressing the problem early is the best way to keep the repair cost reasonable and avoid suffering from no cool air. The most common issues you might discover include:

  • The A/C is not blowing cold air - In some cases, you will notice that the air coming from your A/C vents is not as cool and refreshing as it once was. Typically, the air will become noticeably warmer and possibly even hot if you ignore this warning sign. The reason for this blast of warm air could be a lack of refrigerant, water in the A/C, or other damage that the pros at The Bear Lot can locate and repair to restore your cool air.
  • A Foul Odor - If your cooled air smells bad, the culprit is typically mold. So you could have water in the A/C system, which needs immediate attention to avoid other costly repairs, or the cabin air filter is moist or dirty. The pros at The Bear Lot will locate the cause of the odor and have it eliminated quickly.
  • Weak Air Flow - If you're A/C does not feel like it is blowing much air, there could be many issues, from a clogged vent to a failing blower motor or evaporator core. The wise solution is a visit to The Bear Lot before a minor problem becomes more costly.

What Is A/C Service?

Your vehicle's air conditioner relies on refrigerant and many mechanical devices to create cool air. A/C service includes checking the level of the refrigerant and its function to either top it off or replace it. In addition, the compressor and other components are inspected, cleaned, and lubricated as needed to ensure that they are functioning at their peak to keep you cool.

If any issues are located during the inspection, our pros will explain the findings and provide you with the cost of you repair options. Correcting simple problems like low refrigerant quickly can avoid the expense of replacing a damaged compressor later. To know how often your vehicle requires A/C service, check online or in your owner's manual. However, it is also generally accepted to have this service completed once each year to avoid expensive repairs.

Call us today to schedule A/C service with the pros at The Bear Lot service department.