Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

Used Vehicles with Powertrain Warranty 

Lifetime Powertrain Warranty at The Bear Lot

Enjoy greater peace of mind when you drive a used vehicle from The Bear Lot. We offer a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty for most Certified Pre-Owned vehicles on our lot. You can feel confident as you drive off our lot that you have a dependable vehicle to get you where you need to go.

The Lifetime Powertrain Warranty from The Bear Lot goes even further than the manufacturer's warranty for a Mitsubishi. It begins at the date of sale and continues for as long as the customer owns the vehicle. 

What's Covered

The Lifetime Powertrain Warranty includes all the major components of the powertrain. For instance, it includes the cylinder block and heads, intake and exhaust manifolds, timing gears and chains, water pump, oil pump, transmission, and drive train assembly. To find out if a component is covered, you can check with The Bear Lot service team.

For the first ten years or 100,000 miles, there is no deductible for any repairs performed by The Bear Lot for a covered component. After this time, the deductible is $300 no matter where you have the repairs performed.

Restrictions and Limitations with the Warranty

The Lifetime Powertrain Warranty doesn't include vehicles that are used for commercial purposes or those that are designed for racing. Any failures caused by lack of maintenance or from continuing to drive the vehicle after the damage has been noted won't be covered by the warranty.

To ensure the warranty isn't voided, the owner has specific responsibilities. They must maintain the vehicle according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule. The owner must also keep records of all maintenance performed, which includes the date of service. If the owner performs any of their own maintenance, they must keep receipts for any new parts added to the vehicle. If any problem develops with the vehicle, it is the responsibility of the owner to prevent further damage, which may include not continuing to drive it until it has been repaired.

Choose the Right Model

Leased vehicles are excluded from the warranty along with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart. However, you can get the warranty if you like the Mitsubishi Outlander or the Outlander Sport.

Another option for your driving needs is the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, which is a mid-size SUV that offers efficiency and style wherever you go. This model seats five, providing ample space for all your gear as well.

If you prefer a more compact model, the Mirage G4 sedan is a contemporary choice. For more room for your gear, the Mirage hatchback is the perfect solution. You can feel confident about whichever model you select, knowing it comes with a Lifetime Powertrain Warranty.

Find out more about the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty when you visit The Bear Lot. Stop by to see our selection of models and find one that is right for you. Feel good about the vehicle you choose here at The Bear Lot, which is backed by the best warranties available.