Battery Service

Battery Service in Mounds View, MN 

Battery Services at The Bear Lot

You can trust the dedicated service department at The Bear Lot to provide excellent and competitively priced auto services. One of the most important parts of any vehicle to get checked is the battery. Depending on how you drive and the climate where you drive, a car's battery usually lasts anywhere from three to seven years. When it is time to get your batter checked or replaced, come see us at The Bear Lot in Minnesota near St. Paul, Brooklyn Park, and Shoreview.

Why Battery Checks are Important

No one wants to get caught stranded with a car that will not start due to a dead battery. So, you will want to get your battery checked beforehand, especially if it is an older battery, to make sure that you never find yourself in that position. By using a voltmeter, the service technicians will test the voltage of your battery. If the battery's capacity turns out to be below 12 volts, it is time for a replacement. Signs of a weak battery include:

  • Your battery is not staying charged. Even if jump-starting works for the time being, you find yourself having to jump-start it over and over.
  • Your engine clicks rapidly instead of cranking, meaning your battery is not accepting the charge, even when you try to jump-start it.
  • Interior lights that flicker.
  • Low voltage results from a voltmeter test.

Luckily, at The Bear Lot, our service department can check and replace batteries in a relatively short amount of time. Battery failure is known to be somewhat unpredictable. Even if you have only had your vehicle or a new battery for a couple of years, it is never a bad idea to take it in for a battery test on a regular basis to avoid future issues. To save time, you can ask a technician to test your battery as you go in for other routine maintenance, like tire checks or oil changes.

You might be wondering what causes a battery to fail or not be able to hold a charge. Alternator issues can be responsible for a weak battery, which happens so often that technicians usually check this first. Other causes could be corrosion around the terminals, defective fuse or serpentine belt, or lights being left on by open doors, therefor draining the battery.

If we find that your battery is still in good condition, you can get back on the road with the peace of mind from knowing your car's battery is one less thing you have to worry about. If your battery is in good condition but you are still having unknown issues, our service department has the tools and knowledge to diagnose any issues you might have and fix them in a timely manner.

When it is time to go in for your vehicle's battery check or battery replacement, come by The Bear Lot for friendly and excellent service in Mounds View, Minnesota.